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The History Of Web Design

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Browser Advocate

Why doesn't this just work?

The web is changing rapidly, and browser development is reaching a point of assimilation where more and more web technologies are just expected to work regardless of your choice of browser. Yet web developers are still stuck in the mindset of "I can't use that feature, it's not supported in...", or they simply create workarounds to make something work. We're hackers, we use negative margins to achieve unique layouts or checkbox hacks for seemingly simple web design applications that could be resolved if only we'd post a blog post or two asking browser developers to patch a small bug or release a new feature.

I have a dream of a world where all web technologies — just work. I see a future of browser based applications, where an update is just a refresh away. Yes there will always be a place for native applications, but to reach widespread adoption and accessibility, I believe that browser based applications are key.
Waldo Broodryk